Nate & Erin // My Best Friend Is Getting Married

Nathaniel and I have known each other since our freshman year at Gustavus Adolphus College, and we have been close friends ever since. Truthfully, Nate is the most remarkable man I know. Nate graduated with honors from Gustavus, started an acclaimed satire news website, lived in Spain for a semester, is an exceptional photographer, and is the most patient person I know. I am so grateful to have someone like Nate to laugh and share my life with. One memory that signifies his warmth was when I was going through an incredibly difficult time while we were in school. I walked into Nate's room and started crying. Knowing that hugs mean a lot to me, he beckoned for me to come over, and allowed me to hug for a few minutes. During our long hug, I never felt he was annoyed or feel his hands waiver signifying the end of our hug. He simply allowed me to hug him until I was ready to let go. I will forever be grateful for his exceptional kindness and for our friendship.

Erin is adorable and is my favorite geek. She loves math, and her and Nate balance each other incredibly well. I remember while Nate and I used to live together while in school she would make us baked goods often (well, they were probably more so for Nate but has excellent sharing skills). It was a joy to see her again.

Nate and Erin are getting their civil union officiated in October with their close family members present. So, they decided to throw a party in their hometown in Appleton, Wisconsin and invited all of their family members and close friends to attend. Mack, Emma (two of our other close Gustie friends), and I made the road trip across Wisconsin. It was wonderful to be surrounded by Nate and Erin's loved ones. After the party, Nate, Mack, Emma, and I all cuddled on the floor of Nate's room. We reminisced about our college days, and wondered where the time had gone.

- B