The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves
— Victor Hugo
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The Ellen Show & Harry Potter World // The True Story of a Mom’s Love for Her Gay Son

Just barely a week ago, my mom and I were in for the surprise of our lives. We were overjoyed to experience the warmth and excitement that is the Ellen Show as an audience member, but as a shocking turn, Ellen herself invited us to join her on her famous couches on national television. My mom was crying from happiness and disbelief, and I was stunned, unable to feel my hands due to overwhelmed nerves and incitement. But, how did my mom and I get here…

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Allow me to be your journey companion

My mission as a photographer has been to photograph with intention. I want to inspire and empower humanity through people, love, and photo essays. As you can see, stories enlighten me. Capturing colors, cultures, hopes, and dreams, all further deepen my passion for what I do. I am a photojournalist; there is a unique sense of wonder when documenting and telling a story containing emotional pictures accompanied with words. The people you meet during your lifetime leave a trace of themselves with you, and I hope the vibrant stories you read inspire you, educate you, and has you wanting more.

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