Welcome To the World, Nolan // A Family Session

Kiki and Josh Harbitz are two incredible and selfless Anatomy & Physiology professors at my undergraduate institution, Gustavus Adolphus College. Kiki is humorous and compassionate, who always played light music during our lab time to relax us. Josh is a charming and kind man who always carried a chill vibe during lecture, which allowed we students to relax I have grown close with these two over the course of my undergraduate career, especially with Kiki. After taking Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Kiki and I bonded, we fed off of the other's positive energy and love for spreading kindness. Kiki has always had unconditional love for her students, inside and outside of class. After I graduated, we have become closer and have learned that Kiki's friendship is truly a wonderful gift.

The Harbitz have an addition to their family, and his name is Nolan. Landon and Ethan, two young boys with a never-ending source of energy, adore their new little brother. Our warm session consisted of fun tickling, playing in the sink, pajama time, and a plethora of golden light. Everyone, I wish I could put into words the amount of joy this family brings me. I wish you were there, watching Ethan and Landon placing soap-suds on each other's faces while being immersed in vibrant light, laughing to no end. Even towards the end of the session, I had to let them climb all over me. How could I have resisted? After having a hard week, I realized that after every shadow there is a succeeding morning. Ethan and Landon reminded me of that.

Kiki and Josh, thank you for always inviting me to your home and for being such influential teachers. Thank you for consistently encouraging and believing in your students, and making us into better people. Thank you for your guidance, friendship, kindness, and Gustavus is lucky to have two of the best professors in the world at their campus. You both are the best because you brought out the best in us. Wherever we go, we will always remember that we had and still continue to have phenomenal guides in the form of two fantastic professors.

Kiki and Josh, we may not remember everything you two say in class, but we will never forget how you two made us feel. Thank you and congratulations, you beautiful human beings.