Lauren & Jason // A Mountainside Wedding at Sunset

I met Lauren while I was staying with one of my close high school friends at St. Olaf while on Spring Break; I was addicted to her adorable laugh and warm spirit the second I met her. Jason is not half bad either; he is a warm-hearted gentleman equally lively as he is kind. Lauren and Jason held their wedding at Lionscrest Manor, an estate atop a mountain with a panoramic view of foothills, forest, and bluffs. Their ceremony happened at sunset, with the setting sun casting a fiery golden light over the ceremony site and the neighboring mountains. Lauren’s Harry Potter infused wedding details added a vibrant touch of whimsy to the already enchanting wedding day. The rest of the wedding day and reception was full of laughter, pure joy, and love.

“A love that had started out shy and tentative gradually grew into one with strength and resiliency. We each have our moments of hardship, in which the other acts as the rock and we both work endlessly, daily, and without hesitation to ensure that the other knows how loved and valued they are. We are goofy, sometimes predictable, but ultimately ours are the warmest feet going into our wedding day.” - Lauren and Jason