Lauren E. // A Sunrise Maternity Session

The amount of trust Lauren had in me was astounding and heartwarming. I told her that I had never photographed a maternity session before and was not completely sure how to go about it when we first met back in July. Honestly, I never thought I could see myself photographing a maternity session because I figured they consisted of only specific shots, poses and I had zero experience in this realm of photography. But Lauren told me that I could do it, wanted my style, and believed in me. Inspired by her trust in me, I was all in, and Lauren was fantastic to work with. She was all up for a sunrise shoot (my favorite light of the entire day) and was willing to travel to one of my new favorite locations that overlooked the city of Shakopee.

The golden light was just starting to breach the distant hills, creating warm pinks that molded with the fading greens and yellows of the plains. I told Lauren my goal was to capture her starting to feel like a mother and recognizing that her first child is coming soon (she was nine months pregnant). With the strong morning winds rustling her hair, Lauren moved with absolute grace. The sun made Lauren glow. Her warm smile, her empathetic expressions, I could tell that her son is going to be an incredibly lucky child. He is going to be in a loving environment with an incredible mom and dad spoiling him with love and affection. As she was holding her belly and talking about all of the activities and life experiences she wants to share with him, I started tearing up. For a brief moment, I was allowed a glimpse into the intimacy that Lauren was sharing with her son, and I became inspired. I recognize that I cannot wait to be a father, but this session lit that spark alight.

Lauren, I am impressed with you. I know that you were very nervous but Lauren, you were on fire. Throughout the session, it felt like time stood still and the world was watching you. You are kind, loving, and are going to be a fantastic mother. If I become half the parent that you are, then I would be the most content father in the entire world.